Monday, April 11, 2011

Teal Jellies

I love teal and I love jellies, so put them together and I'm bound to be head over heels! These are a couple of my favourites...

BYS Dark Teal, 3 coats. It was a little streaky still, but nothing I couldn't handle. It is love!

China Glaze Atlantis. Also 3 coats. This base in Atlantis is really similar to Dark Teal but leans more green. Plus, it's packed with holo glitter!

Also you may have noticed, I've started watermarking my pics. I was getting a little paranoid about them floating around the internet with no watermark. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing watermark, but it should do :)


  1. BYS Dark Teal is a gem of a shade. Love finding awesome cheapies here in Oz :)

    Great swatch piks Stef!!

  2. That BYS is lovely! I'm going to have to dig mine out to wear again.

  3. @Twinings Is that you Ez? Thanks! I love BYS for being so cheap and awesome and Aussie!

    @KrisInPhilly Do it! It's amazing!

  4. LOL, yes Ma'am! BYS is a little hit and miss but overall really decent. As are Ulta3's and some of the TBN's.


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