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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lynnderella ♥ (Liquid Valentine)

I received this beauty as a gift from Lynn herself with my Lovely is as Lovely Does collection. Many dear thanks to you Lynn!

Ugghh .... it's so pretty I can't stand it! I've actually worn this twice already :)

The first time:-

Two coats of Liquid Valentine over BYS Get Ink Make It Pink. The BYS is an bright pink jelly--it's actually marketed as a neon (which it isn't). Look at that gorgeous blue shimmer in Liquid Valentine... love it. And the mix of pretty glitters... love that too!

And the second time I wore it:-

This is two coats over Kleancolor Wild Rose. This combo was incredible. Wild Rose is probably my new favourite pink. Yup. It's the most amazing fuchsia ever. And Liquid Valentine... *clutches heart* LOVE!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple

Reece pretty much convinced me I needed these Chunky Holos with this post. DUDE. I don't even.... O.O

I am highly uncreative and just layered mine on black. Still pretty freaking amazing though!

These definitely aren't holo but they are awesome... many different flavours of awesome.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Holo Spammah!

In honour of my newly acquired Ikea Jansjo, I've whipped up some holo spam! Well technically a couple of these are holo glitters... but they are just so purdy!

I apologise if you notice any bumps on my middle and index fingers since I've got silk patches on those and haven't buffed down quite enough.

Nubar Reclaim. Green holo! Going Green was such a beautiful collection. A green lover's dream.

China Glaze Octa-Gone Wild. There are several versions of this floating around. I *think* I have the original release.

China Glaze Techno Teal. I know a lot of people were disappointed in the Tronica collection because they were hoping for more in your face holos. I love them for what they are though. The subtle holo effect is beautiful in the sun.

Ozotic 524. This is a strange one. It's a bronzey-brown frosty holo... weird. The first pic I took in the shade to show the frosty base a little better. This is certainly very unique, I've never seen anything quite like it, but it's still not my favourite.

BK 20. I've shown this one before but it's so beautiful it deserves more pics. Linear red holo. It pulls a lot less pink than Ozotic 518 and it also has a foily finish so it's still sparkly and interesting indoors when it's not spitting out rainbows :D

Missha HKH01. I've swatched this probably over five times before and I've never got colour accurate pics until now. It's so awesome. HKH01 is a crap tonne of dirty gold and holo microglitter chucked into a matching base. The glitter is so fine that I you can't actually discern any of the holo pieces - you just know they're there because they sparkle and dance in the light so prettily.

Kleancolor Holo Chrome over Color Club Pucci-licious. Eeeep, my skin is so yellow here! Well, at least the polish is showing up as colour accurate. Holo Chrome... a $1.75 masterpiece.

Economy Class (an MPJ franken) over black. I made this guy ages ago... I think it was sometime in April last year when I was really lemming the original MPJ something bad. Recipe: ~2/3 Ozotic 509 and ~1/3 black. Holo frankens are so simple to make!

China Glaze OMG. I don't wear this by itself a lot since there are so many other silver holos out there and this one konads so well. Example here.

Yay holos! They are probably my second favourite finish right behind duochromes and just a smidgen ahead of glitters.*

*Subject to change at any moment :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

No holo but lots of multi-sized, multi-dimensional, multi-chromatic glitter!!

Oh my god just look at that glitter! The colours! Oh the colours! The only let down in the above pic? The poop brown jelly base. LOL

Two coats on black

Chunky Holo Black is the glitter equivalent of Hidden Treasure. I'm in love!

You may be seeing a lot more of Kleancolor here since I've received a whole bunch from Beauty Joint. They stock Kleancolor, new NYX and Cherimoya 2012 (crackles)! Kleancolors are 50% off right now and shipping is pretty cheap. \o/
*edit* Apparently shipping costs have gone up a lot(!!) since I ordered two weeks ago :( I'll be sure to edit again if it turns out to be a mistake or just a temporary change.

Aaahhh... pongy Kleancolor goodness!