Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Spammity!

I think the polish fumes have healing powers. I feel so much better today! How about a dish of freshly cooked spam?

Rimmel Blue Me Away. Gorgeous and according to Kaz, discontinued.

Revlon Gumdrop. Smells exactly like the bubble gum that comes out of those Gumball machines! *inhales*

China Glaze Recycle. The perfect grey cream with no blue undertones. Actually, it leans very green on me.

Bloom Osaka. I love the glass-flecky finish of this one.

OPI Ink. A classic that's as lovely as ever.

Borghese Almondine. What a strange shade. Someone mentioned it looked like oatmeal soap. Agreed!

OPI Last Friday Night over black. The black really brings out the the detail in all the different glitters.

Snozzberry Juice. This is a franken I made. Named after my favourite line in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. "The snozzberries taste like SNOZZBERRIES!"

LA Girl Punk. This one has a purple flash in certain lights which I couldn't capture.

Mario the Bun would like to shake yer hand...



  1. *sigh* That Rimmel. Gorgeous! One day it will be mine. I love your photos. I think I am developing a crush on your nails.

  2. aw! Thank you KML! May your lemmings be fulfilled! LOL

  3. I'm dying for China Glaze Recycle! No joke, it's beautiful.

  4. I am really upset Rimmel Blue me away is discontinued!

  5. I agree. It really is gorgeous!

  6. I knowwww. Why do companies go around discontinuing their nicest colours??

  7. I love your spam posts <3

  8. Love the Snozzberry Juice. Wish I could find something similar. It's be even better with the same name, lol.


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