Thursday, April 28, 2011

Precision Toxic Love Fall 2011 Collection

I stumbled upon these polishes at a nail supply place here in Melbourne. They had a big rack and sell these for $6 which is a steal. I picked up these three colours that were sitting at the bottom of the rack looking kinda lonely.

Click to make them larger if you so wish


Intoxicated. Pink leaning purple shimmer. This is three coats. It applied really nicely. It reminded me a lot of China Glaze Cowgirl Up so I did a quick comparison.

As you can see, Cowgirl Up is much more pink and a little more brushstroke-y. Also, those beautiful blue shimmery flecks in Cowgirl Up is much more visible than in Intoxicated.

Toxic Wast-ing My Time. What a name... This was a little thinner than the others but it was good at three coats. It's kind of a warm chestnut brown with a heavy gold shimmer. Very pretty.

Poison Ivy. HOLY SHEEET! Just look at this. I want to cry for the beauty that is this polish. Dark forest green with lots of pretty gold shimmer. Intense love. Two coats.

No information for these polishes came up in Google so I sent the company and email and apparently these are from the Toxic Love Collection for Fall 2011 and they have been released early in Australia to coincide with our different seasons. How nice! Usually companies release collections here sooo much later than in the US. Yeah, you know I'm looking at you Revlon.


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