Thursday, April 21, 2011

MOAR Spam??

I still have quite a few pictures lying around. They don't follow a specific theme so, here's another round of spam!

Zoya Mimi. Man, Zoya does those glass-flecky/foily/sparkly finishes so well.

Bloom Goa. Teal/blue creme. Really smooth, pigmented formula.

Revlon Powder Puff. A more unique take on white. I do wish the blue shimmer was less subtle though.

Zoya Blair. Just take a look at that glow!

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. Sorry about the out of focus pic. My camera couldn't capture the Epicness.

Essie Smokin' Hot. Not unique by any means but these dark purple-y taupes are lovely.

China Glaze How About a Tumble. There really should be a question mark in that name. Light pink/purple scattered holo. It's got that pretty, light and delicate feel to it.

Butter London Fash Pack. This was free in an earlier issue of Aussie Harper's Bazaar. I quite like the delicate gold shimmer in it.

Australis Blue Tiger. Love! It's a muted, dusty blue that's still somehow really bright. It even dries semi-matte (neon pigment?).

I hope you enjoyed!


  1. these are all insanely good choices! good taste girl...x))

  2. Wow, delish spam!! That BL is calling me now..

  3. Still loving your spam posts(: OMG Emerald Sparkle is gorgeous, *sigh* yet ANOTHER polish to add to my wishlist :P :)

  4. I am trying to find the Bloom Goa Teal/Blue Creme....where can I find this?

  5. They're available at Australian Targets

  6. I want the dusty blue polish so badly!  Where do you find that at?


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