Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Couple of Asian Polishes

I decided to swatch a couple of my Asian polishes that I have lying around

One coat of Shiseido Maquillage 83 over black. I think this one is discontinued (can anybody correct me?). I was able to score a mini of this while I was in Japan back in December for AU$2.

I was a little bit disappointed by this one actually, not because it isn't beautiful, but because I was expecting so much more. I mean... look at the bottle

Do you see all that rainbow hex glitter??? Yeah...

Speaking of rainbow...

Missha Pink Pearl Top Coat. This is two coats over black. I am completely smitten with Pink Pearl. OMG, it's so amazing... RAINBOW SHIMMER??? So gorgeous.. I was really surprised.

Here's a quick bottle shot

Have a great day everybody!


  1. now i can't believe i passed this missha up when i was in korea... ._. on the other hand, i would never have had the patience to layer it, lol. good job! i love it on you!=D

  2. TY! Awww.. you don't like layering? So many polishes look really great layered.

  3. I'll have to hit a Missha store next time I go to Thailand. That bottle shot is really deceiving (just looks like gold micro-glitter), who'd have thought a rainbow would appear! I actually really like you're Shiseido mani, I'm a sucker for hex shinies :)

  4. Right? The bottle is so misleading. It looked even duller in the store lighting. It was such a nice surprise when I put it on


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