Wednesday, April 13, 2011

China Glaze Rodeo Diva Collection

I have for you today, eight of the twelve Rodeo Diva polishes (I don't own the other four because my gut tells me I won't like them). This was China Glaze's fall collection in 2008 and it's completely brilliant. You ladies in the Northern Hemisphere might think it's strange that I'm swatching a Fall collection now but since it's Autumn here in Australia, I've really been feeling the dark vampies so these are right up my alley at the moment :)

We'll start with bottle pics because I'm a little obsessed with them lately. (Remember, all images are clickable)

And now the swatches (all are three coats)...

Rodeo Fanatic. Blue shimmer with the tiniest bit of purple duochrome. The duochrome is really visible in the bottle but doesn't come up well when on the nail.

Gussied Up Green. Deep green shimmer. This also seems to have some blue duochrome in it as well. Amazing shade, but I may be a little biased since I love greens :)

Branding Iron. Glowy, shimmery red. I have quite a lot of colours like this but I still can't get enough of them- dark, ruby red shimmers that give the impression of glowing hot embers. Most gorgeous.

Cowgirl Up. Fuchsia/purple with a really complex shimmer. Do you see the purple flecks in that?? Omg... LOVE!

Side Saddle. My picture for this one is a little inaccurate. The base colour of Side Saddle is more of a brownish purple than the reddish brown it looks here. It's shot through with this amazing gold shimmer that catches the light so prettily.

Prize Winning Mare. A light tan brown with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer in this one kind of blends in with the brown creating a butterscotch/caramel kind of shade.

Midnight Ride. The darkest of all the colours. An almost-black with a purple shimmer that really comes alive in the sun.

Wagon Trail. I showed you guys this before in my first post but I'll put it here again. This is a dark green with golden shimmer. The gold makes the overall look a deep olive that's completely amazing!

Ok, so this post may have been a bit of a gush-fest of total love, but it's all true! These colours are brilliant!


  1. AMAZING photos! They all look so great I can't even decide which one I like most :)

  2. Love the photos! Rodeo Fanatic is absolutely stunning(:


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