Monday, April 18, 2011

BK 20 - RED HOLO!!

As it turns out, being sick and house ridden meant I am swatching a lot. Yay for being productive!

This is actually much more holo than my photos show- my camera completely freaked out and wouldn't capture the awesome.

This is what I would consider a true red linear holographic. Too often red holos are actually pink (Ozotic 518/Glitter Gal Red) and not a true, vivid red or they have a scattered holo effect (Ozotic 621).

Maybe I am just nitpicking but I hate that the majority of "red" holos are so pink.. it makes it so disappointing for me. But BK 20 is PERFECT. It is my baby and I will treasure it forever!


  1. Gorgeous! Where are you buying your BK?

  2. I got my BK while I was on holiday in Shanghai. I know they sell BK (a Chinese brand?) online- I've seen it at bornpretty and fashionaddict though none carry the holo line. Sorry I couldn't help more :(

  3. wow..i love it too im also looking for a perfect red holo...

  4. hi i just like to ask if this BK polish is the same holo quality with NFU oh or CHG OMG? i mean are they pigmented or a micro glitters on it? 


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