Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lynnderella - Bottle Spam Edition II

Thanks to my friends, I've now got my grubby paws on Lynnderella's Funny Money and Holiday Houseguests Collection.

Here I've got both bottle pics and nail wheel swatches. The same as Bottle Spam Edition I which includes the First Edition and Early Halloween collections.

I've left the pictures very very big if you want to click through for much more detail.

Funny Money

 Two coats of Attitude Adjust-Mint over mint (ChG Re-fresh Mint)

 One coat of Lucky Numbers over white (Misa Heaven White)

 One coat of Change over purple (Ulta3 Spring Break)

 Two coats of Mysterious Ways over grey (American Apparel Factory Grey)

 Two coats of I Can Afford It! over green (Ulta3 Frog Prince)

 Two coats of Thank Blue! over teal (DtW DJ Mix)

 Two coats of Funny Money over dark green (DtW Enchanted Forest)

Holiday Houseguests

 Two coats of Happy Holo Daze! over black (BYS Black Satin)

 Two coats of One Nutty Fruitcake over pale blue (Precision On Cloud 9)

Gorgeous right? All my Lynns belong in my Special helmer drawer - the one I'd grab if (God forbid) there was some kind of emergency.

For more information please check Lynnderella's blog. Lynn's next store opening will be sometime next year in January. Llarowe is now carrying Lynns as well although she is currently sold out.

I am working on swatches of these. Bear with me while my lazy ass tries not to sit around procrastinating all day instead :D


  1. I'm kicking myself for not getting Houseguest set :)

  2. ♥ can't wait to see the pretties in all their glory on your nails & I love how you have set up your pics so you can click the base colour and see a bottle shot next to the glitter ♥

  3. Love the Mysterious Ways. <3

  4. These look so pretty! I hope llawore has them back in stock, soon because I can't wait to get my hands on some of those :)

  5. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for showing us these! It's so helpful to see how they are, esp when you want to order sth :D haha
    Attitude Adjust-Mint and Lucky Numbers are now on my WL!

  6. Ohhhh, I cannot wait to see them on you!  Attitude Adjust-mint looks like my fave so far, also loving Change for the holidays...GOLD!

  7. OMG your creative, I love all the unique polishes. My fav is adjust-mint and Thank Blue!!  Where can I purchases these items???

  8. I'm so in love, is there any way i can buy this polish anywhere i love it so much!

  9. what is your favorite shiniest top coat?  how much are Lynnderella nail polishes?  They are sold out on both sites.

  10. Do you sell the wonderful products that you make?

  11. Love these.  How the heck do I get some?   

  12. Where can we buy these? I can't find her website or anywhere to get them :(

  13. Can I buy any of these?


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