Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zoya Shawn and Sinful Call You Later

Shawn... wow. What can I say? It's possibly the best green Zoya has ever done. It's murky and swampy and it's got that whole "algae infested pond water" thing going on.

The formula was fantastic. Seriously spot on. It was really well pigmented and creamy. Two coats here.

As much as I love a creme, I can't resist a little glitter :) Here is one coat of Sinful Call You Later over Shawn.

I love the way these two looked with each other! Call You Later is such a beautiful, beautiful glitter. I don't think it gets enough love. Lots of different shades of gold and green in varying sizes. Very complex.


  1. Gorgeous combo. Shawn is one of my go-to shades. And Robyn. Can't go past a Robyn pedi.

  2. Oh Shawn is just perfection! My favourite pedi has got to be AA. Omg sparkly blue toesies!

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