Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hits Speciallità 389

I was part of an enormous Brazilian group order last year and this little beauty was part of my package. 389 is part of Hits' Glitter Forte range which I believe will be available on Llarowe soon.

This is two coats of 389 over Etude House Mocha Brown.

You can view an ugly-ass close-up if you click here.

389 is a mix of a couple shades of brown and copper glitter in a sheer brown base. I think you'd need four coats to make this opaque by itself and since the bottle is so tiny, I layered it. Plus, I like layering glitter.

Here is Etude House Mocha Brown all by it's lonesome.

Amazing formula. Opaque in one coat. But I did two just because.

I do love brown. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's right up my alley.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clarins 230 Comparison

I was recently gifted BeYu 209 and Max Factor Fantasy Fire by a dear sweet friend of mine - Kristy. If you don't know about her lemming-inducing blog, click here. You're welcome.

I decided to do a little comparison since both of these are a little easier/cheaper to get than The Pee.

Here they are swatched at one, two and three coats.

Opacity: Clarins 230 is the sheerest needing at least three coats while the BeYu is most opaque--you could definitely get away with just two. Fantasy Fire is a little more opaque than 230 but also looks best at three coats.
Colour: Compared to 230, the BeYu is very red while Fantasy Fire is very blue.
Shimmer: 230 has the most duochrome shimmer followed by Fantasy Fire and then BeYu 209 which has the least.
Overall: I think they are all very pretty but 230 is still my sweet baby :)

A few more pictures? From index to pinky: Clarins, BeYu, Max Factor, Clarins

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lynnderella Lovely is as Lovely Does

Bottle spam of Lynn's latest collection for your viewing pleasure.

I ran out of nail wheels so there are no swatches but I suppose you don't really need them since I'm so late in posting these. Actually, this whole post is probably redundant--but hey, humour me :)

As always, I left the pictures huge and you can click to enlarge if you so desire.


Llarowe is currently the exclusive distributor for Lynnderella products. Please visit her website as well as Lynn's blog for more details.

Friday, February 24, 2012

NerdLacquer Hyperspace Bypass

Uhh... sorry for disappearing the past month. I am back from vacation now but not only has it been really hectic around here, but I also fried my laptop a couple weeks back :( The blog just hasn't been a priority.

So Hyperspace Bypass. This was the one I wanted most when I first found out about NerdLacquer and it didn't disappoint. It lived up to every one of the very high expectations I had for it.

Hyperspace Bypass is a bright yellow base filled with a couple different shades of gold plus black glitter as well as larger gold and holographic hexes.

I used two coats above and as you can see, it's pretty much at full coverage. An incredibly unique polish. The only other yellow-based glitter I have is Missha GGL01 and that is still nothing like this.

You can check out NerdLacquer on Etsy though Amanda has currently closed up shop so she can process orders. Be sure to keep an eye out for when she opens again!