Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pahlish End of Days

This is a super special Pahlish I received a while back. Shannon and I did a little swap and she made this puppy for me.

Three coats. End of Days is composed of an array of blue hexes with a splash of orange all in a bright orange glass-fleck jelly. Isn't it lovely? I absolutely adore contrasting colours.

And here is a macro. Click to zoom and see the pretty glass-fleck shimmer bits!

ETA: Looks like Shannon is reformulating this for a release soon!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orly Space Cadet

I haven't pulled out Space Cadet in a long time - since the year it was released. I wore it the other day and realised that I've completely forgotten how much I love it!

Three coats. So crazy duochrome. I always have trouble catching colour shifts on camera but no such problem here. Love.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dollish Polish The Legend of Zelda Duo

It was decided I need this duo as soon as I read the names. The Legend of Zelda!! Oh man so cool. Do you guys have a favourite game? Mine is the Phantom Hourglass on DS. So much fun and endless hours wasted :D

Anyway, onto the polish...

The Hero of Time. One coat over Zoya Shawn. Greens, gold and brown glitter - like Link's costume. Awesome! This would look great over lots of different bases but I chose Shawn because is one of my absolute favourite green cremes.

Hylian Princess. One coat over Essence Wear Your Little Tutu. White, purple and a touch of gold - like Princess Zelda's costume. Pretty! I love Princess Zelda. If I ever cosplay, she would be one of my top picks. Of course, my first choice will always be Kitty-N, but I really don't think that bodysuit would be very flattering on me.... lol

Saturday, June 2, 2012

NOTDs - CrowsToes, Lynnderella, NerdLacquer and Nfu-Oh

I'm really behind in posting. Here are a few NOTDs. Sorry, not much chat since I'm in a rush to go out to dinner and then get back to do more study *sigh* Such is life.... lol

One coat of CrowsToes Absolum over CND Urban Oasis. Absolum is packed with glitter! I will probably try to wear it alone next time.

Two coats of Lynnderella Love Potion No. 99 over China Glaze Virtual Violet. A little more red than my pictures show. Supremely gorgeous.

NerdLacquer All of Time and Space. Two coats over Essence You Belong To Me. I didn't really need the base but I was already wearing it beforehand. I hope everything is ok with the creator of NerdLacquer...

One coat of Nfu-Oh 56 over Revlon Royal. So so pretty. I love how glowy the flakies are in the sun.