Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Short Farewell

It's getting close to my end-of-year examinations and I am trying my hands at studying, hah! I think by taking a step back from here, I'll be able to better devote my time elsewhere. Where it is needed most.

My apologies for disappearing. I know that is always an annoyance to be left hanging...

This will not be goodbye forever, just a short farewell while real life takes its course.

See you soon,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire and Glitter Tamer

The name matches this polish perfectly! She is indeed vampy and very, very pretty :D
"Multiple sizes of burgundy hexagons and squares in a dark blood-red base with scattered black and red multi-sized accents. Suitable for any blood type."
I layered this one coat over two of BB Couture Erotic Night. I personally really love it over a vampy but the burgundy glitter can kind of blend into the base. If you're wanting more definition (is that the right word?) of the glitter, you can always layer it over a lighter base like the lovely Karianne did.

And I want to mention this because I've been asked a couple of times, you can of course wear these by themselves. I choose to layer them because I love layering glitter and I want to preserve the pretty polish, hahaa!

Isn't she pretty? The black and red glitter are such lovely lowlights and highlights to the burgundy...

I found that Very Pretty Vampire dried really bumpy on my wheel swatch so I decided this was a perfect time to try out Glitter Tamer. I wrote down some thoughts on GT. I hope they are useful if Lynn ever makes it available for purchase in the future....

First thing, this stuff is thick. It's exactly how she describes it - like caramel. Thick and stringy. I added thinner to my bottle until it was completely full. That helped a little both with the thickness and strings.

One coat of Glitter Tamer then SV. SHINY! Holy hell my mani was so freaking shiny. It also wore really well. I wore VPV for two days. If I hadn't removed it, I doubt my mani would have chipped for days and days. There was no tip wear, no nothing.

Speaking of removal... this was much harder for my acetone to cut though. Not that I minded much. I usually use the foil method to remove heavy glitters anyway. I soaked my nails longer than usual and it mostly slid off my nails. Then it took a little scrubbing with felt and acetone to remove any glitter left behind.

So yeah... Glitter Tamer. Delicate application. Blinding shine. Tricky removal. Extraordinary for hungry glitters.

This is completely worth the little extra effort it requires. Two thumbs up!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lynnderella All Hallows' Eve

So what can I say about this... it's dark, it's green, it's chock full of crazy glitter and... it has my heart. One coat over two of Dare to Wear Enchanted Forest which is amazing in it's own right.

As you can see, I'm nubbinising to the extreme (as in, more than usual lol) to try and get rid of all the gross peely tips that keep appearing. Luckily for me, I enjoy short nails so I'm not too upset. I am a little bummed though. I want healthy nails dammit!

There's black, gold and multiple shades of green glitter some of which are holo. Different shapes. Different sizes. Complex to the extreme. I mean, even the sparkling base is complex! There's shimmer and a couple sizes of really tiny, sparkly microglitter.

*sobs* It's like... something from my dreams. So perfect.