Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spam For Your Wednesday Worries...

Sorry for disappearing on you guys for a bit! I don't really have any excuse except I just didn't really feel like posting the past week.

Today was a long day and all I really want to do now is escape to my little space of the interwebs. So here is some Middle-of-the-Week Spam for your troubles.

BB Couture Horned Devil. That awesome signature BBC glitter in a bright orange jelly. Love this. LOVE.

Rimmel Azure. Shimmery blue.. slightly frosty. Meh. Nothing special. It has a purple flash in the bottle that doesn't show up on the nail at all.

American Apparel Manila. Manila folder yellow!

Rimmel Forest. I've shown this before. But it is so beautiful it deserves more pics!

Australis Valentine. Beautiful neutral red creme. Perfection in one coat.

And here it is with a little fail konading. It's so smudged! I believe this is plate BM203.

Jordana Wicked. I believe this is dupey to one of the Milani 2009 Halloweens. Orange glitter in a black base.

TBN Green Fluoro. An almost-neon green with a gorgeous shimmer. My pictures are a little colour inaccurate. Imagine it deeper, brighter and more saturated.

Zoya Crystal. Blue and gold flaky particle foil. Is that how you would describe that? I'm not really sure how you would describe this finish. Nevertheless, it's amazing! An exact dupe to OPI Reflecting Pool.

CM Disco Flares. Raspberry jelly loaded with silver glitter. It has a similar feel to Zoya Roxy.

Unnamed Miki. Deep, deep green shot through with gold shimmer. Wow!

China Glaze DV8. Bright teal holo. So nice... my second favourite from the collection.

Camouflage Colour Pumpkin. A slightly muted orange jelly. I don't think this colour is faded or "pumpkiny" enough to be considered a pumpkin orange. Still really lovely though. It's a jelly! Not something you see very often.

And with a tiny, simple black cat konad. Plate HB28. He came out a little wobbly but that's alright. I think it adds to the effect! Kind of like his fur is standing on end :D

I hope you guys are having a great week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly, Light as a Feather and Marine Blue

I broke the corner of my index nail pretty far down yesterday so I won't have any new swatches for a little while. BUT, I have quite a large backlog of pics I haven't posted so it should be all good.

Here are three Glitter Gals I picked up a little while ago. Lizard Belly and Light as a Feather are new while Marine Blue was released further back. I only picked it up recently though along with the two new ones.

Lizard Belly. A deep blackened green holo. It's very dark. Much more so than I was expecting. I actually thought they sent me a black holo by mistake when I first opened my package.

Light as a Feather. A light grey-ish white holo. I think Glitter Gal did a good job balancing the white base and the amount of holo. From what I know, a pure white holo is not viable because the holographic pigment itself is silver which spoils the white. The formula was a little troublesome on this one. It was streaky and slow drying but levelled out after three thickish coats.

Marine Blue. This isn't one of the new releases but it's my favourite out of the three I got. Bright, zingy blue holo. It's perfection! Much more interesting than DS Glamour IMO. It's the boldness of the blue base... not something you see very often with a holo.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Scandal Love Holic Green and Bloom Abbie

I was just swatching when I originally did this combo but I liked it so much that I stopped, finished off the rest of my nails and kept it as my NOTD.

Scandal Love Holic Green. Love Holic Green is gorgeous. Really beautiful. I've used up a good third of my bottle because I love it so much. It resembles this Shisem I posted about earlier on except it's a tad lighter and doesn't have any jelly-like qualities to it. It's a perfect two coater creme. I remember seeing Kiki Chaos raving about it which made me take it out of my untrieds where it had been sadly sitting.

Then I layered a coat of Bloom Abbie over it.

Abbie consists of transparent, crystal-like glass-flecks in a clear base. This combo makes me long for snow! It doesn't snow down here in Melbourne but I so wish it did. I want to wake up one morning and see something like this...

Of course, my backyard look absolutely nothing like that and it'd also be a shit cold morning... but a girl can dream right? :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A green, a blue/green and a blue shimmer

Three shimmery polishes - one green, one blue-ish green and one blue! All three belong in my current, ever-changing Top 20.

The green...

Precision Poison Ivy. A medium-dark forest green with gold shimmer. I have a few colours like this but this one is my favourite. Greens like this just do me in every time. Plus the freaking gold shimmer is so darn lovely. Amaze.

The blue/green...

Bloom San Francisco AKA Bianca in the regular line. So complex. It's composed of a slightly teal, blue base with lots of gold shimmer but it also has a green pearl overlay which makes it look slightly duochrome and so astonishingly awesome.

The blue...

Etude House BL009. Super duper glowy blue with heaps of green shimmer. Kind of reminiscent of Orly Royal Navy since it has the same kind of idea. It's VERY vibrant. You have to see this one in person to fully appreciate it.

A while back, I promised Kris a picture of my furry little friend. So here he is (kind of, lol)...

 Mario the BunBun hiding in a shopping bag!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

China Glaze Zombie Zest

This was from last year's Halloween collection. It has a few near dupes but I like this one the best. Mostly because of the name. Zombie Zest. AWESOME!

Zombie Zest (still awesome!) is a brown/olive green jelly which contains lots of gold-ish green glass-fleck/foil particles that flash blue at extreme angles. My pictures don't capture any of the duochrome though :(

I'm big! Click me!
I'm pretty picky about which of the "ugly-pretty" colours I like (there are many that just don't appeal to me) but I really enjoy this one!