Saturday, November 3, 2012

Contrary Polish The Islands Trio

Contrary Polish is a new to me brand. The owner Carrie was so nice and sent me a whole bunch to share with you. Today, I have a newer collection from her called The Islands.

The first photo for each polish is taken in the shade. That way, you can see what the shimmer looks like out of direct sun. They're all visible and not at all of the hidden variety.

Aruba. Three coats. Teal blue with green shimmer. The colour is closest to the second photo. The shimmer in this one is the most subtle out of the three, but I think that's mostly because its complementary to the base instead of being contrasting.

Anna Maria. Three coats. Dark blue-teal with gold shimmer. This one was darker and more blue than I expected it to be from the bottle. I love the way it looks though. That gold shimmer is so perfect. I want it in a whole collection!

Santorini. Three coats. Royal blue with flaky shimmer. The shimmer bits are slightly larger than the other two which are much finer. This one is my favourite of the trio. The blue is so, so perfect. I have this on as a pedi right now... the sandals are finally starting to come out for the season ahead!

The formulas on these were all impeccable  Really smooth and free flowing. Almost opaque at two coats but all needed three to be completely even. Full size Contrary Polish is available at Llarowe and minis directly from Contrary Polish.