Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slow Saturday Spam

I am spending my day cuddled up inside watching the crappy weather go by outside. Riveting stuff.

I have quite a huge backlog of swatches and NOTDs to share. So how about a spam post? Haven't done one of them in while.

Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri. One coat over one of Sally Hansen First Blush. Pretty flowers! The iridescent glitters give it a delicate, twinkly feel.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. Three coats. One of my favourite neons. Such a fascinating shade.

With a layer of Nostalgic Lacquer Jem. Not sure I'm a fan although it might just be my choice of base.

CrowsToes Cheshire. One coat over China Glaze Let's Groove. At least.. I think it's Let's Groove. The more I look at the pictures the less I think it is. My favourite part of Cheshire are those dashes of gold.

Essie Sew Psyched. Two coats. Sorry about the scuff marks. I was late for a dinner one night and I realised my nails were naked. The horror! I managed to do this mani, get dressed and do my makeup in less than 15 minutes!

Candeo Orchid. Two coats. Orchids are my favourite type of flower. Mine are currently in bloom! I want to try my luck with microwave drying a few blooms this year.

Sportsgirl Nude. Two coats. A peachy-nude with hidden pink shimmer. It's like Ulta3 Blossom Fever with a much better formula. Looks really good with my skin - no lobster hands!

With a coat of Lush Lacquer Party Hearty. There were a ton of hearts in there so no fishing required. Only thing is... I couldn't work out whether I thought it was ugly or not!

Darling Diva Polish Sparkler. One coat over TBN Blue Fluoro. I quite liked the colour combination of this one. And the subtle iridescent base was a nice touch.

China Glaze Let's Groove stamped with 2030. Plate m65. I really love this design. Pretty roses!

Zoya Kylie. Three coats. Gifted to me by a sweet friend. It's my perfect soft pink - no lobster or zombie hands here! I feel as though I have been looking for this shade for years. Seemingly ordinary and even slightly boring, yet.... perfect.

Friday, July 13, 2012

NOTD Yellow to pink gradient

Before I get started, I just want to mention that I'm trying harder at Social Media. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram (both @steffalaa)!

I found this adorable knit cardigan while shopping the other day...

Isn't it cute? I loved the gradient so much that I wanted to do it on my nails as well.

The gradient is done on a base of Revlon Powderpuff which seems to be my go-to undies for so many things. The yellow is American Apparel Butter, the salmon Orly Pixy Stix and the pink Cult Nails Devious Nature.

I felt quite giddy having my nails match my clothes today. Usually, I don't give a second thought to being matchy-matchy unless it's for a formal occasion or special event.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Urban Decay Cult and China Glaze Optical Illusion

Cult was a most generous gift given to me by a dear friend.  It's absolutely gorgeous.

Three coats. I love these sorts of blue/teal/greens with gold shimmer. Love! I think my pictures pull it a little too blue - it leans more green.

The next day I did a little layering...

One coat of Optical Illusion. I'm still not completely sold on the Prismatics... this is the only one I own and I don't exactly love it. It is insanely sparkly in the sun though which is nice :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

NOTD KBShimmer Bejeweled over Orly Royal Navy

I know this blog has been a little slow lately... my bad. I've been neglectful. The good news is that I have quite a backlog to post.

Last night, I met up with the ever lovely Kristy from The Polish Haven for a little dinner while she was here in Melbourne. As if I wasn't already a total loon, I got a tad umm... "directionally challenged" on the way to the restaurant. Doh.

Kristy had on this gorgeous dark purple shimmer by Dior which I absolutely have to get. And here is what I was wearing.

One coat of Bejeweled over two of Royal Navy. I had to shake RN quite vigorously to get the shimmer unstuck from the bottom of the bottle but man, it's so gorgeous. Bejeweled is full of blue, purple, teal and sandy copper hexes. Quite lovely.

I had a blast with Kristy and I hope we can meet up again soon to chat