Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anna Sui 101 and Dare To Wear Techno Beat

I love layering glitters over black. That's usually just the way I prefer to wear them. I'm not sure why.. I think it's because the black base gives the glitter some nice contrast and that way, I can see the individual glitters better. I really like the fine details on things :)

Anna Sui... good god. Not only do they come in the most beautiful and elegant rose bottles, they smell like roses! Talk about making your way into a girls' heart <3

One coat over black

There's so much going on in this polish that my camera wouldn't focus properly to pick up the details. Sorry! 101 is basically lots of small green and electric blue iridescent glitter and also big round blue glitters in a sheer blue base. You don't see those large, round glitters very often. Anna Sui seems to have it in a few of their glitters though.

OK.. now for the Dare To Wear. Here is Techno Beat.

Techno Beat is from Dare To Wear's Disco Tech Glitter Collection and might I just point out, is one of the most awesome collections ever! The whole collection has some of the best glitters ever made. Seriously.

Take a look..

Amazing right? Right?? HOLY SHIZNITS! That is only one coat over black. That is how dense the glitters are in these. Techno Beat is pink holographic glitter in small and large hexes as well as bar glitter all in a sheer pink base. The others in the collection are the same but in different colours.

I took a macro of this one as well.

Pure. WIN.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Face Shop BL602

How freaking adorable is this??

It's a bloody flower pot!! HOMG! And if you are not a complete and utter fool for good packaging like I am, then check out the colour...

BL602 is a deep blue with this crazy blue and pink microglitter/foily thing going on. The pink is more intense in the bottle than on the nail, but still, it's there and it's amazinggg!

I got this at a Face Shop store here over a year ago. I think this baby is discontinued. I don't see it in store or on eBay at all. Sad... because this is so, so pretty.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

NOTD Color Club Wild at Heart

I was running a little short of time last night so I decided to put on one of my all time favourite go to polishes. CC Wild at Heart. So perfect.

Seriously WaH, how I love thee. Let me count thy ways:
    1. You are a deep, luxurious purple
    2. You have a beautiful scattered holo finish
    3. You are easy to apply and opaque in one coat
That right there, is true love my friends.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Essence Return To Paradise Collection

Firstly, a PSA for my Aussie friends: my Target now has Essence. The display is much bigger than the ones I've seen at Priceline. They have the Return to Paradise collection, the Mutli Dimension range and more of the Color & Go line. And, there's a 25% off sale on all cosmetics at Target until the 30th March. Score!!

I picked up all five of the Return to Paradise collection. I didn't pay much attention to it when it was released in Europe last year.. but I must say, after seeing them in person, they are gorgeous!

Jungle Drum. Three coats. Dark brown with a really subtle silver shimmer. The shimmer is so subtle that I didn't even notice it in the store. You can't really see the the shimmer until you're under bright lighting.

My Little Orchid. Two coats. Mid purple shimmer. There's lots of shimmer in this one. Very pretty! It almost looks a little metallic.

Back To Paradise. Three coats. This one is my favourite from the collection. I picked the last one off the stand! Back To Paradise is a dark blue-leaning green jelly. Nice!!

Fruit Punch. Two coats (but I think it needs three). This is a light orange with a lovely gold shimmer. Does it not look just like orange juice?! The shimmer kind of even resembles the pulp a little bit. LOL.

Sun Downer. Two coats. This is a darker orange than Fruit Punch. Also, instead of being gold, the shimmer is silver and also a little finer. I like it! Very interesting colour.

A nice little collection. Pretty colours and pretty bottles! I think these retail at $3.95 here in Australia. Not bad at all!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Orly Glitz & Glamour

Glitz & Glamour came out for Holiday 2010 and jumped straight into my favourites. It's my favourite gold though admittedly I don't have Dazzled By Gold. That's one of my biggest lems!

Intense burnished gold. It's so rich and sparkly. Like, REALLY sparkly. The gold foily particles in it are very reflective. I've worn this one a lot. I think I'll need to get myself a backup bottle soon...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Artform 513

There's not much to say about this polish other than it's holographic, it's purple and it's perfection. Seriously.

No sun in these pics. Pretty amazing huh?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

KOTD Essence Just Rock It! and Konad White

A slow Saturday night after a busy week meant a little time for some konad. I've said this before but I am le suck at konad. It take me so long to do and never comes out right. This one didn't turn out so great. Lots of smudginess on my index and pinky and missing parts on my middle finger. My right hand is even worse. LOL

Essence Just Rock It. That's one coat. I always seem to choose a one coater as a base for my konads because I don't want to sit around waiting for it to dry before I can konad over the top. This was plate M73 I think.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Missha Glitters

What a boring name for a post full of awesome.

Missha are a Korean brand... and they make awesome polish. HGR01 has been getting a lot of attention lately. I'm really glad that Missha are becoming more popular! I feel like their brand has been so overlooked and unappreciated. Their colours are awesome, and they come in the cutest bottles ever. HEARTS! HOMG! So adorable!

The three I have to show you today are GVL01 (the fuchsia), GGL01 (yellow) and GBL01 (blue).

Click for more detail

These three all seem to have the same sort of glitter and finish. Don't they look like they belong in a collection together? I think there's also a couple of other colours with the same finish but I'm not sure.

I got a couple of questions last time I posted a Missha on where I got these so in case anyone's wondering, I get most of my Missha at the Box Hill store in Melbourne, Australia. If you're in the Melbourne area and you want to see the polishes in person, then the store in located in Box Hill Central between the train station and Sweet As (chocolates!). Also, since the store doesn't carry the complete range, I've also got some off eBay from this seller. Actually, I've got one coming now thanks to Kaz :D

First up, the fuchsia - GVL01

The actual colour is a little less purple than my swatches. It's closer to the bottle picture. GVL01 is a fuchsia/violet/purple with loads of silver and pink glitter. I was able to take a more detailed close up so you guys can better see what it looks like IRL. Be sure to click for lots more detail.

Can you see the different shaped glitters? Small squares and hexagons. It gives the polish much more interest than just a straight, single glitter. I love it! Lots of depth!

This is GBL01..

This one is a mix of blue and silver glitter in a blue base. It reminds me of a crystal or something - very icy looking. Insanely sparkly.

GGL01. The formula was patchy and horrible and it doesn't look so hot against my skin tone. But still, this is possibly my favourite... Why? BECAUSE IT'S ALMOST A GOD DAMN YELLOW GLITTER.

I don't think I've ever seen a true yellow glitter that is dense, opaque (not jelly with sparse glitters) and most importantly, yellow. This isn't technically yellow but it comes so close. It's a warm yellow base that has a mix of both silver and gold glitters. I think the gold retains the yellow-ness of the base but the silver stops it from overwhelming the polish and making it look too gold.

The overall look is a yellow glitter. Insanity! If you love glitter, yellow or unique colours, then in all seriousness - YOU NEED THIS. fo'real.

Wow.. that was an extremely long, rambling post. Props to you if you read it all :D

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pinkey 695

I got this during a trip to Shanghai a while back in Sasa. It's one of those no name brands that you have to go bin diving for and are pretty much impossible to find any information on at all. I can't remember how much this cost me, but all I know is it was astoundingly cheap.

This was three coats I think. Doesn't it look beautiful?! It's a black jelly that's packed full of beautiful golden flakes. I think this is the most beautiful black/gold combo I've ever seen.

I think this polish looks even more lovely in the bottle than on the nail. The gold flakes are much brighter and shinier. Gorgeous.

The bottle is kind of strange. They look exactly the same as the Shu Uemura nail polishes - it kind of resembles a CND bottle that's been squished so it's skinny looking from the front, but fat and juts out from the side.

Speaking of Asian polishes, I have a few more I'll post if I can fit in enough time to swatch them. I got a couple of Misshas a while back that are insanely awesome. Here's a quick bottle shot of the pretties

Awesome right? Right? Aiiiyaaaaaaa!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pa AA14

AA14 (yes, the name really is that creative and awesome) is a mix of red and holo glitter in a clear base. I think the glitter is dense enough to wear on it's own in three coats but I did one coat over black because that's just the way I roll :)

The glitter is insanely sparkly. My pics make it look a little dull which it is not.

Here is a blurry picture to show you more holo and sparkles

I love Asian polish! Right now, I really really want to haul some Etudes...