Friday, May 20, 2011

Missha Glitters

What a boring name for a post full of awesome.

Missha are a Korean brand... and they make awesome polish. HGR01 has been getting a lot of attention lately. I'm really glad that Missha are becoming more popular! I feel like their brand has been so overlooked and unappreciated. Their colours are awesome, and they come in the cutest bottles ever. HEARTS! HOMG! So adorable!

The three I have to show you today are GVL01 (the fuchsia), GGL01 (yellow) and GBL01 (blue).

Click for more detail

These three all seem to have the same sort of glitter and finish. Don't they look like they belong in a collection together? I think there's also a couple of other colours with the same finish but I'm not sure.

I got a couple of questions last time I posted a Missha on where I got these so in case anyone's wondering, I get most of my Missha at the Box Hill store in Melbourne, Australia. If you're in the Melbourne area and you want to see the polishes in person, then the store in located in Box Hill Central between the train station and Sweet As (chocolates!). Also, since the store doesn't carry the complete range, I've also got some off eBay from this seller. Actually, I've got one coming now thanks to Kaz :D

First up, the fuchsia - GVL01

The actual colour is a little less purple than my swatches. It's closer to the bottle picture. GVL01 is a fuchsia/violet/purple with loads of silver and pink glitter. I was able to take a more detailed close up so you guys can better see what it looks like IRL. Be sure to click for lots more detail.

Can you see the different shaped glitters? Small squares and hexagons. It gives the polish much more interest than just a straight, single glitter. I love it! Lots of depth!

This is GBL01..

This one is a mix of blue and silver glitter in a blue base. It reminds me of a crystal or something - very icy looking. Insanely sparkly.

GGL01. The formula was patchy and horrible and it doesn't look so hot against my skin tone. But still, this is possibly my favourite... Why? BECAUSE IT'S ALMOST A GOD DAMN YELLOW GLITTER.

I don't think I've ever seen a true yellow glitter that is dense, opaque (not jelly with sparse glitters) and most importantly, yellow. This isn't technically yellow but it comes so close. It's a warm yellow base that has a mix of both silver and gold glitters. I think the gold retains the yellow-ness of the base but the silver stops it from overwhelming the polish and making it look too gold.

The overall look is a yellow glitter. Insanity! If you love glitter, yellow or unique colours, then in all seriousness - YOU NEED THIS. fo'real.

Wow.. that was an extremely long, rambling post. Props to you if you read it all :D


  1. they're so gorgeous! i need to make sure i picked them up! (along with backups, haha) glad i found your blog!

  2.  They all look awesome, but the turquoise one is just soo great! I need to get me some of these!

  3. Yes you do! I ♥ Missha! 

  4. Wow! These are gorgeous :drools: and the bottles are adorable <3

  5. Aren't they just?! I am the biggest sucker for packaging 

  6. These are beautiful! I especially like the blue. And those <3-shaped bottles are an adorable touch.
    I've really been enjoying your blog!

  7. I know! The bottles are too cute! Just too cute! 

  8. I did some googling. Missha US doesn't have the Crystals, I don't think, so my best bet would be ebay. Thanks for posting about these 3 shades, I do want myself a yellow glitter bottle :) Do you remember how much they retail for in store? I do have a friend in Melbourne :)

  9. Oh no! That sucks. The crystal line has some of the best colours IMO. IIRC, they retailed at around AU$9. I'm not entirely certain though.. I can't remember.

  10. OMG! this is the most beautiful glitters I ever see!
    it's like holographics:)

  11.   *squee*

    As Queen said: "I want it all, I want it all / I want it all, and I want it now!"


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