Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ozotic Pro 503

Out of all the Ozotic multichromes, 503 is IMO one of the less duochromey ones. The colour shifts in 503 are a little less in your face. It's still very much a duochrome though!

The main colour is a bright, medium green and it flashes a very light bronze and at extreme angles, a little blue and purple.

Two coats over black.

Funny angles to show you the blue and purple

Here's the bronze flash
You can see there's even a little pink peeking out there.

Duochromes are so much fun!


  1. *__________*

    They put this on sale again on their website, right AFTER I placed my order :^/

  2. Yum! Yum! I have this coming my way. Can't wait to get it. Love your photos!

  3. *\o/* Thanks sweetie! I can't wait to see your pics of this :)

  4. Oh no! That totally sucks dude. This one is amazing

  5. Fabulous! I actually just bought this!

  6. You'll be so glad you have it. It's ten different flavours of awesome!


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