Monday, May 9, 2011

Artform 516

Pretty medium pink holo. This has the same holo effect as MPJ and linear Designer Series polishes such as Original and Signature. The formula was a little thin but it wasn't hard to work with at all. This is three coats.

Isn't it just such a pretty, girly polish?

These were taken on a day with no sun using indoor lighting. so you can see how the holo effect isn't dull under artificial lighting at all. Love!!

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  1. I got it at
    Be careful though... the Artform polishes are dupey to Ozotics. It's real easy to tell though because both brands use the same numbers for their polishes. I actually believe that Ozotic, Artform and Glitter Gal are private labels from the one company.
    Hmm... maybe I need to do a post when I gather more info.


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