Saturday, May 28, 2011

Essence Return To Paradise Collection

Firstly, a PSA for my Aussie friends: my Target now has Essence. The display is much bigger than the ones I've seen at Priceline. They have the Return to Paradise collection, the Mutli Dimension range and more of the Color & Go line. And, there's a 25% off sale on all cosmetics at Target until the 30th March. Score!!

I picked up all five of the Return to Paradise collection. I didn't pay much attention to it when it was released in Europe last year.. but I must say, after seeing them in person, they are gorgeous!

Jungle Drum. Three coats. Dark brown with a really subtle silver shimmer. The shimmer is so subtle that I didn't even notice it in the store. You can't really see the the shimmer until you're under bright lighting.

My Little Orchid. Two coats. Mid purple shimmer. There's lots of shimmer in this one. Very pretty! It almost looks a little metallic.

Back To Paradise. Three coats. This one is my favourite from the collection. I picked the last one off the stand! Back To Paradise is a dark blue-leaning green jelly. Nice!!

Fruit Punch. Two coats (but I think it needs three). This is a light orange with a lovely gold shimmer. Does it not look just like orange juice?! The shimmer kind of even resembles the pulp a little bit. LOL.

Sun Downer. Two coats. This is a darker orange than Fruit Punch. Also, instead of being gold, the shimmer is silver and also a little finer. I like it! Very interesting colour.

A nice little collection. Pretty colours and pretty bottles! I think these retail at $3.95 here in Australia. Not bad at all!


  1. You got like the entire collection, I think. Yep, that's from last year though our local store didn't get that one. We usually get like one third of all LEs. We'll probably have Blossoms the entire summer, lol.

  2. Ooh very nice.  I like ALL of those colors.  Do I detect a slight hint of red/burgundy in Jungle Drum?

  3. Ooh very nice.  I like ALL of those colors.  Do I detect a slight hint of red/burgundy in Jungle Drum?

  4. That sucks! Australia just got Essence I believe.. I'm hoping we catch up on all the collections! I really like the look of those glitters in the Nail Art Twins line

  5. Good eye! Yes, yes you do. It's a very warm brown. Lots of red/purple tones!


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