Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lynnderella Mercurial

Another day, another Lynnderella! Man, I am really enjoying these. I do apologize to any Non Glitter Fanatics out there... maybe one day I'll get sick of all the sparkles....... *coughnevercough* :)

This mani is one coat of Mercurial over two coats of Ulta3 Wild Berry. Perfect combination! Wild Berry is a dark purple/brown/charcoal grey colour. It kind of shifts depending on the light. I wish I took pics before I added Mercurial, but that's okay. Here's a bottle shot instead...

Mercurial didn't wow me in the bottle as much as the others did, but HOLY CRAP did it surprised me when I put it on. I love, love, love it!

Lovely, yes? This was smooth with three layers of top coat - two of Ulta3 Non Chip and one of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. I really should try Glitter Tamer soon but I am too scared that I will become addicted to it and run out completely, LOL.

"Multiple sizes and shades of gunmetal, black, silver and lavender hexagons and squares in a metallic grey base. Application requires moderate patience and skill."
Application was indeed a little unwieldy (more so than the others I've tried). The glitter was kind of... clumpy? Like, it wanted to stick together. Some of the glitter also didn't want to stay flat. Nothing a little manipulation and prodding couldn't fix though.

A truly lovely polish 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby

I tried so hard to capture this one. My camera kept throwing the glitter really orange which it is not. And my mani was so shiny that I couldn't stop all the reflections on my nails so... sorry about that.
"From last year's holiday collection. Looks like foil candy wrappers. Multiple sizes of red microglitter, hexagons and squares in a sheer red base. One or two coats over your favourite red is the easiest way to wear."
I wore Ruby Red Ruby the same way as I did on my wheel swatch... one coat over two of OPI Vodka & Caviar which I think is all kinds of perfect.

This mani is so multi-faceted.... I feel as though the tips of my fingers are now encrusted in beautifully cut, sparkling, precious gem stones.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd

It was my birthday yesterday! Thank you to everyone for all the kind well wishes! Rach even did a mani in honour of all us September babies, haha! She's so awesome...

Anyhooo, here is what I wore.... one coat of The Glittering Crowd over black.

Pure. Glitter. Magic.

This is quite literally, A Surprise Party For Your Nails, In A Bottle. There's so many different glitters that you will have absolutely no idea how each nail is going to turn out until you finish painting them.

The Glittering Crowd beats out every other "multi-glitter" polish there ever was by miles and miles and miles.

Lynn says that there is more than ONE HUNDRED different types of glitter packed in there. Crazy! And very birthday appropriate :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lynnderella Connect the Dots

Ok ok.... so I have been wearing this for a few days. I've got some major tip wear now but I don't want to take it off! It's.. too... pretty.....

Lynn has kindly allowed me to quote her descriptions. I can guarantee you that mine would be hopeless.
"Black and white hexagon, square and bar glitter with slight sparkle in clear base. Looks best on cremes. Instant nail art and easy application. A treat from Halloween 2010 Collection."
Yeah... you see? Awesome. Black and white glitter. Together. In an awesome array of shapes and sizes. OMG.

I decided to wear one coat over OPI What's with the Cattitude. Oh and this only took two layers of top coat to make it smooth (Ulta3 Non Chip and SV).

The glitter is obviously centre stage here. But if you click on the above close-up, you'll really be able to see the shimmer in that base. I think that shimmer ties everything together perfectly.

Connect the Dots is such a perfect name for it. A 100% original creation!

Lynnderella is planning to open up shop again soon. Be sure to check her blog for all the details so you don't miss out!

And before I forget, if you are outside of the continental United States like I am, remember that Lynn doesn't ship internationally. I received mine via an amazing woman who agreed to forward these on to me.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Past NOTD Spam

My nails are getting.... better. They should be all right after my next chop! Stupid peelies. In the mean time, here's some past NOTD spam.

China Glaze Lighthouse over Precision The Next It Girl. Sparkly yellow-gold glass fleck!

Here is The Next It Girl by itself...

Creamy egg-yolk yellow. Kind of seems like a blatant rip off of OPI The It Color. It is very nice nevertheless.

Anna Sui 300 over black. Anna Suis come in cute little rose bottles and smell like roses. Yummy! Plus, round glitter is surprisingly quite unusual.

BB Couture Bonnie. BBC glitter in a lush green, slightly jelly base. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Flomar U31. Deep, almost black base filled with duochrome flaky shimmer. It flashes predominantly purple to pink and ever so slightly golden at extreme angles. Thanks to Kristy and Erina for letting me know about this :)

China Glaze Something Sweet. I haven't seen myself wear pink for quite a while now. So many pinks just look off on me. I did like this one though!

Unnamed Sasatinnie over Australis Here Today Gone Tomorrow. I picked up the Sasatinnie really cheap while I was in Asia. It's got smaller silver, green and blue glitter with larger yellow (gold?) glitter. It's very nice layered.

And the Australis by itself...

How nice is this?! Erina tells me it's a dupe for Illamasqua Rampage. A beauty!

Australis Blue Tiger with China Glaze Cracked Concrete. I'm not too sure I'm so fond of this combo. I think it would have looked better with white crackle instead.

Precision Toxic-Wasting My Time. Reddish, caramel-y brown with lots and lots of gold shimmer. I really loved wearing this. I do so very much enjoy gold shimmer.... :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lynnderella - Bottle Spam Edition

Somebody hold me while I pass out for the millionth time. Lynnderella Awesomeness. And I took.... a lot of photos so just sick back and enjoy!

Note: I left all the pictures *huge* so you can click and magnify to see more of the details and beautiful glitter.

The pretties all together...

I've taken one frontal bottle shot, one nail wheel swatch and one close-up bottle shot for each polish. The caption will tell you what I used on the nail wheel swatch. I hope that's not too confusing!

 And now... prepare for spam!

One coat of Ruby Red Ruby over red (OPI Vodka & Caviar)

 Two coats of All Hallows' Eve over dark green (Australis Here Today Gone Tomorrow)

 One coat of Snow Angel over sheer white (Essence White Glam)

 Two coats of Mercury's Rainbow over charcoal grey (Ulta3 Wild Berry)

 Two coats of Cauldron Drippings over orange (Camouflage Colour Pumpkin)

 One coat of The Telltale Heart over pink (Mecca Cosmetica Pixel Pink)

 Three coats of Gotta Love Brains

 Two coats of Very Pretty Vampire over vampy wine (BB Couture Erotic Night)

 Two coats of The Glittering Crowd over silver (China Glaze Millennium)

 Two coats of Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue over dark blue (Essence Just Rock It!)

 One coat of Shape Shifter over black (Color Club Where's the Soiree?)

 Two coats of Bride of Franken over black (Color Club Where's the Soiree?)

 One coat of Connect the Dots over light grey (BYS Shadow Puppets)

 Two coats of Love Potion No. 99 over violet (Bloom Mykonos)

 Two coats of Mercurial over charcoal grey (Ulta3 Wild Berry)

 Two coats of She Lived in a Swamp over pastel lime (Missha GR001)

Dear lord these are quite something aren't they?! Interested? You can head on over to Lynnderella's blog shop for more details and hopefully a chance to catch her next sale. They sell out super quick! NB: Not all the shades I have shown are currently for sale.

I will have actual nail pics up soon... no promises though because my nails are rubbish right now and these deserve nothing but the best. I am also really scared I won't be able to do these polishes justice. They are complex like nothing I have ever seen.

I am thrilled to be in possession of these. They are truly one of a kind beauties, just like the wonderful lady who creates them! Much thanks to Lynn and the amazing E who passed these on to me. Love to you both!