Friday, September 23, 2011

Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd

It was my birthday yesterday! Thank you to everyone for all the kind well wishes! Rach even did a mani in honour of all us September babies, haha! She's so awesome...

Anyhooo, here is what I wore.... one coat of The Glittering Crowd over black.

Pure. Glitter. Magic.

This is quite literally, A Surprise Party For Your Nails, In A Bottle. There's so many different glitters that you will have absolutely no idea how each nail is going to turn out until you finish painting them.

The Glittering Crowd beats out every other "multi-glitter" polish there ever was by miles and miles and miles.

Lynn says that there is more than ONE HUNDRED different types of glitter packed in there. Crazy! And very birthday appropriate :D


  1. Ahh man! Happy Birthday for yesterday!

  2. Killin' me Stef - Hope your day was wonderful

  3. This is the happier Happy Birthday polish! Happy birthday dear, I wish you more years of awesome swatches!

  4. Happy belated birthday!!
    This polish is gorgeous!! Better than all the Deborah Lippmann's glitters!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D Hope you had a fabulous day. This mani is so appropriate :D Love it!

  6. Gorgeous polish! Happy belated birthday!

  7. Happy birthday!  *throws confetti*  :D  This is THE most perfect birthday mani ever!  Lynnderella's polishes are masterpieces.  Owning and wearing one of her lacquers is like owning and enjoying a piece of glorious fine art.  Every nail is special and unique every time, like tiny canvases.  The beautiful play of light and color...I am so in awe of her beautiful creations.  I definitely want this mani for my birthday!  

  8. I was trying to shorten my wish list, then you went and posted this. Now I have no idea what NOT to get lol. Great birthday mani

  9. First of all, Happy Birthday!!

    Second, this glitterbomb beats all the Happy Birthday dupes any day!!  Its like confetti for your nails!

  10. Happy Birthday and OMG stop giving me lemmings!

  11. Happy belated Birthday Stef! This is utterly perfect as a birthday manicure. I love it!

  12. Happy Birthday... not one day late, 364 days early! I love this glitter coat, it's utterly perfect. I've been kind of repulsed by the other glitter bombs out there, finding them somewhat borderline tacky but this one... is AMAZING. I think it's all the various shapes and size, so you get more glitter overlapping. Mmm, glitter on glitter action!

  13. i am completely in love with this glitter!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!  This is SO amazing!  It's like DL Happy Birthday but 1309823 times better!  :-D

  15. Happy belated Birthday!!  I trust it was a good one!  :)

    ZOMG this polish.  I can barely breathe!  That first photo is to die for!!

  16. That looks aweeeeesome. I'm not into glitters but I think I would like this one! :) And thanks for the follow, lady! <3

  17. Happy belated b-day!  What a beautiful mani - ugh I missed out on her sale today by minutes and was so bummed!  I want almost every polish she has up save a few.  I had taken this off the list because I thought it looked too much like DL Happy Birthday, but now....hmmmm.  I'm a new follower btw and I just wanted to say a special hello since I used to live in the Land of Oz a while back.  I would love to go again one day!

  18. Gorgeous! And happy belated birthday, hope it was as fun as your mani.

  19. Thank you everybody for the lovely birthday wishes! ♥

  20. Where can you find this polish, I'm having zero luck!!:(

  21. wwhere can i buy this nail polish??

  22. Where can I find the glitter polish? That's amazing!!

  23. where can i purchase these polishes? im in love!

  24.  Those are awesome looking! Please share where we can find them :)

  25. where can i buy this?

  26. I would also love to know where to buy these awesome polishes!

  27. Where do you get this nail polish? I love it!

  28. Do you make these nail polishes? 

  29. I found the creator's blog but I still can't find out how to contact her to place an order. Please let us know how to order from her! here's the blog for anyone else who can figure it out...

  30. where do you get this polish??

  31. where do you get this polish?? love it!

  32. How do you purchase Lynnderella nail polish? I have searched your Blog and can't even find a place to post a comment!


  34. This might be a dumb question but where can I get this???

  35. Happy B-day for you my love! :-)
    Just found your blog and I'm going crazy for that polish!
    Like I said, haven't read you before and don't know what's the deal here,
    but did you make that polish by yourself or what? :--D Sorry my stupid question,
    I just have to get that polish to myself!
    I have bitten my fingernails since I was little kid, and I stopped that like 2years ago
    and I'm so proud of my nails- AND NOW when I can finally wear nailpolish... I want that one :--D

  36. I'm with the other girls--where can I buy some of this awesomeness?

  37. Teach me everything you know! haha

  38. I'm a little late to post here but can anyone help me on how to find this color?  I've been searching online for a couple of days and can't seem to find it so that I can purchase it!  Thanks!

  39. How can I buy this nail polish?? LOVE it!!!

  40. Happy late birthday!
    How can I get that polish?

  41. the gorgeous glitter. Posted to pinterest! Awesome! Love the glitter/black combo.

  42. How do you buy this nail polish?


  44. Where to buy?

  45. I found you through Pinterest and I'm glad I did!  :)

  46. This is so cute! Love this color!

  47. Where can I buy this polish? It's awesome!

  48. I cannot BELIEVE Wall Street Journal published YOUR photo and labeled it all wrong thanks to Stacey Bendet.

  49. I cannot believe Wall Street Journal published your photo without doing their research. I guess they will believe what anyone tells them. 

  50. Everyone interested in this polish can google Lynnderella.  I don't think she makes this polish anymore, but it looks like she has lots of other amazing glitter polishes..

  51. omg i love this!!! where can i buy some??? i have tuns of glitter nail polish.. but not like this one!!!!! where can i buy it :)

  52. $20-100 for a single bottle of nail polish is absolutely absurd. I just paid 34$ for 14 Kleancolor nail polishes. THATS worth it.

  53. You can get them on ebay. $20-100 for a single bottle of nail polish. It is absolutely absurd. I just paid 34$ for 14 Kleancolor nail polishes. THATS worth it.

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  85. OMGosh! Is there somethin similar that I could purchase?! This is amazin! Just what I'm lookin for!


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