Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Etude House Twinkling Purple and Shisem 610

Holy balls. I've just had the toughest time trying to upload pics to Blogger/Picasa. Serious issues. Made me all cranky >:(

Anyway, here's today's offering...

I keep swatching things have have nothing to do with each other which makes it really hard to put together posts that make any sense. I think the only thing these two polishes have in common is that they both originate from Asia. LOL.

Etude House Twinkling Purple. This is two coats over white. How cool is this?! Twinkling Purple is full of really fine fuchsia-purple glitter, two sizes of holo hexes and the odd holo star. Aahh it's so pretty! And the bottle is so cute! It's ass heart shaped!

Shisem 610. The epitome of perfect green creme. OMG I love it!! It's slightly jelly and so so shiny. The downside is that it takes FOREVER to dry. It was still denty 30 minutes later with SV. But hot damn just look at the colour! So perfect!

I don't know where you can purchase Shisems. I got this really cheap while I was on holiday in Shanghai at a market. It was night and the lighting was bad so I pretty much purchased a couple of these blind. Thank god I did though because I would quite honestly pay $$ to get my hands on a colour like this!


  1. Oh! That green! I hate you. In the most loving way of course. 

  2. Twinkling Purple is amazing! 

  3. omg! This is the first time I have ever seen another Shisem Nail Color! I got mine in Indonesia, and I got it because A. The bottle was awesome, B. It looked like this other color (I was way off, just sayin... it's just a red). Anywho... awesome post :)

  4. LMAO I hate you lovingly too :P

  5. I bought Rimmel Forest because of you! Temptress. 

  6. Hahha holy balls, I llove it.
    And I looove the Etude polish :D

  7. Hasn't blogger been such a pain lately? I had to switch to Chrome to do my latest post, Firefox just wasn't cooperating.

    Twinkling purple is gorgeous!

  8. Shatter_me_ClaireJuly 1, 2011 at 10:03 PM

    Eek! Looks great

  9. Oh wow, that purple one is gorgeous and the bottle is super adorable :)))

    Love Christine ♥

  10. Hi there,  i just stumbled here, you can get shisem on


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