Friday, June 3, 2011

Green Eggs and (blue) Spam!

I've found myself swatching a lot of my blues so I've decided to post them all at once so... Spammah! And just a warning: not only is there broken nails in this post, but my nails are also super nubs D:

Unnamed Miki. Reminds me of DS Magic/Orly Lunar Eclipse. Very pretty!

Etude House BL009. Sorry I'm not holding the Etude bottle. They are too curvy and funky for my fingers to wrap around properly, LOL. This is just... so. beautiful. Guise, if you no haz, you needz!

Ozotic 201 over a blue creme (I can't remember what it is). There's blue, purple and a sprinkling of holo bar glitter in this one. I must admit... it's not as awesome as I was hoping it to be.

Nfu-Oh 119. Wooo! Blue jelly! JELLEH!

LA Girl Alkaline Blue. Bright blue foil. I love bright coloured foils. This is one is very nice and glowy.

Essie Lapis of Luxury. I really liked last year's Resort collection. Nice squishy cremes that are almost-but-not-really jellies.

Color Club Pure Energy. Isn't that shimmer just glorious?! So so pretty! Tied for my favourite from the Electro Candy collection with the purple.

Bloom Tel Aviv. This pretty much looks black until it hits the sun. Then the bright blue shimmer flecks pop up.

OPI DS Glamour. Dark blue holo... nuff said.

Ozotic 617. Medium blue scattered holo. Love this one!

Hope you guys enjoyed that! 


  1. All lovely!! Bloom Tel Aviv is a dupe for Bonnie. Just gorgeous.

  2. glamour will always be my fav=D

  3. Shatter_me_ClaireJune 4, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    What lovely blues :) Love the Ozotic 617 :)

  4. Me too! I'm really loving the scattered holo

  5. zomg zomg zomg so much zomg. That Etude House is amaaaaaaahhhzinggggg @__@

  6. Nfu-Oh polishes are so pretty O.O
    Also, blue is one of my most FAV colors, love this post and all of the blues you showed, especially the nfu-oh lol


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