Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spam For Your Wednesday Worries...

Sorry for disappearing on you guys for a bit! I don't really have any excuse except I just didn't really feel like posting the past week.

Today was a long day and all I really want to do now is escape to my little space of the interwebs. So here is some Middle-of-the-Week Spam for your troubles.

BB Couture Horned Devil. That awesome signature BBC glitter in a bright orange jelly. Love this. LOVE.

Rimmel Azure. Shimmery blue.. slightly frosty. Meh. Nothing special. It has a purple flash in the bottle that doesn't show up on the nail at all.

American Apparel Manila. Manila folder yellow!

Rimmel Forest. I've shown this before. But it is so beautiful it deserves more pics!

Australis Valentine. Beautiful neutral red creme. Perfection in one coat.

And here it is with a little fail konading. It's so smudged! I believe this is plate BM203.

Jordana Wicked. I believe this is dupey to one of the Milani 2009 Halloweens. Orange glitter in a black base.

TBN Green Fluoro. An almost-neon green with a gorgeous shimmer. My pictures are a little colour inaccurate. Imagine it deeper, brighter and more saturated.

Zoya Crystal. Blue and gold flaky particle foil. Is that how you would describe that? I'm not really sure how you would describe this finish. Nevertheless, it's amazing! An exact dupe to OPI Reflecting Pool.

CM Disco Flares. Raspberry jelly loaded with silver glitter. It has a similar feel to Zoya Roxy.

Unnamed Miki. Deep, deep green shot through with gold shimmer. Wow!

China Glaze DV8. Bright teal holo. So nice... my second favourite from the collection.

Camouflage Colour Pumpkin. A slightly muted orange jelly. I don't think this colour is faded or "pumpkiny" enough to be considered a pumpkin orange. Still really lovely though. It's a jelly! Not something you see very often.

And with a tiny, simple black cat konad. Plate HB28. He came out a little wobbly but that's alright. I think it adds to the effect! Kind of like his fur is standing on end :D

I hope you guys are having a great week!


  1. Ahhhh YES!!!! :D I bought that Miki a few weeks ago and I'm soooooo glad to see that it's as gorgeous on the nails as it is in the bottles! How stunning.
    These polisehs are beautiful!

  2. That BB couture is AMAAAAZING. I've got like ten of their lacquers on my to-buy list...well, 11 now.  Already have the Zoya Crystal -- the only thing better than that is Charla from the same collection.

  3. Do you have any tricks to applying your polish? It looks so perfect.

  4. I love the little cat on the last manicure, so cute! All the swatches are so pretty... thanks for sharing and thanks for the spam post! I enjoyed it :)

  5. Jeez Stef, your spam kills me! Beautiful beyond belief

  6. hmm.. Charla was from an earlier collection but I do agree I like Charla a tad more than I do Crystal!

  7. Just lots of practice! But if I make a mistake, just scrape the polish off with either my opposite thumb nail or an orange stick. HTH!

  8. Oh you're right, those ARE from different sets. But yeah, Charla is a knockout -- even more so with a top coat of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie.

  9. Awesome spam!  I love those BBC's with the glitter in them...def need to add some to my stash!

  10. OMG, I don't know where to start. They're all so lovely!

  11. The neon green with shimmer!! LOVE!!  And the raspberry glitter!!  Gorgeous!  I actually think I have something similar in my collection I have yet to wear!

  12. Gorgeous colours. Love the Miki, and now really want Crystal. And I love that the cat is shaky, did know he wasn't supposed to be until I read it.


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