Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Odd Bunch - Etudes, Missha, NYX and Essie

I have all these swatches on my computer that don't fit together in any sort of category so here's a bunch of random ones.

How awesome are Etude bottles? So curvy and pretty. The downside is that I cannot for the life of me hold the bottle for a swatch picture without my fingers smooshing together and looking funny.

Etude BL019 which is also called Extreme Blue. This is so cool! There's so much going on in this.. blue, silver, holographic glitter all thrown into a brilliant blue base.

And here is what it looks like with one coat over black

Ugh. Sorry about the broken nail. This is an older swatch.

Sportsgirl Galaxy. Dark, almost black base with a red pearly shimmer and little gold flaky glitters. Very unique. This is one of the few Sportsgirl polishes I own.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Sportsgirl polishes. I think they're overpriced and I hated it when they changed to these skinny, long bottles. They've now changed back to the regular rectangular styles but none of the new colours they've put out have grabbed my attention.

Etude House GR607. Your standard slightly greyed out dark green creme. Similar colours include American Apparel Hunter and Orly Enchanted Forest. But really, I can't get enough of these greens and I love it just the same!

Missha BL01. The first picture shows the base colour of BL01 and the second picture shows more of the bright blue shimmer that this polish contains. The shimmer is gorgeous but it kinda gets overshadowed by all the fine holographic glitter that's been thrown in. This gives it a chunky holo finish that's reminiscent of those Nubars - Jewel, Gem and ... I'm blanking on the other one.

NYX Girls Emerald Forest. Not to be confused with Enchanted Forest which is a different green glitter. Emerald Forest is really complex, I can't even describe it... All sorts of green and gold microglitter and flakes in a darkish green jelly. Here's a macro (click to enlarge)...

Do you see all the glitters? So gorgeous up close. But as much as I love the close up of this one, I think it's missing something. It's got all the right things going on - green, mutli-dimensional glitter and lots of depth but I don't know... it just doesn't wow me like it should. (o.O) What is wrong with me???

Essie Ruby Slippers. I had to work so hard to get this one to photograph properly. None of my pics would show the glitter correctly. It's so glowy that it freaked out my camera. The first picture is much better than the second in terms of colour and what the polish actually looks like. Ruby Slippers is beautiful even if this kind of colour is overdone. Definitely one of the best takes on the ruby slipper type colours.


  1. These are all great! The Missha BL01 pretty much blew my mind!

  2. What A.W.E.S.O.M.E swatches! ♥ Especially the red one reminds me of some horrifyingly beautiful demon. Lol!
    New follower. Hope you check out my blog too:

  3. Kirsten Glitta GlovesJune 24, 2011 at 6:03 AM

    I am so in love with your nails, seriously. And I really want that Missha, those Etudes and Ruby Slippers now... *goes to evilbay*

  4. Shatter_me_ClaireJune 24, 2011 at 11:25 AM

    Glitters!!! *swoons*

  5. Oh god, I'm so, so jealous!!!! I want them ALL!! As if I didn't have enough lemmings :p

  6. I would love to try both greens! ♥ Galaxy made me think of OPI DS Mystery, really pretty.

  7. Thank you! Yeah.. that Essie is amazing

  8. there's always room for new lemmings...... :)

  9. I don't have Mystery.. maybe I should since I love Galaxy

  10. These are all gorgeous, but the Etude & NYX polish are AMAZEBALLS! :O


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