Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chemistry 507

Check it out!!

Remind you of anything? Chanel Peridot maybe? *stabs lemming in the heart* DIE I SAY! DIEE!!

I'm not sure where you can get this because it was sent to me by a lovely friend. Thank you Kristy!! Artform used to have a dupe but they've since taken down their polishes on their website so I don't know if you can still order from them...

*edit* It seems that Chemistry polishes are available in store at Essential Beauty and online at Essential Distribution. Thanks to willowstreet for this info! Please note that I have no experience ordering from them so take care if you choose to do so.

Two coats on black

The gold flash is amazingly glowy under bright light

Green and gold! Aussie!!!

And for prosperity, here is three coats on its own

Please ignore my dryness and focus on the awesome instead :)

Now I don't want any Ginger and Liz style action against me so I'll try and tread carefully but from what I can make out, Chemistry is another Australian nail polish brand that is manufactured by the same people who do Ozotic Pro, Glitter Gal, Artform, B-Range and possibly others.

Now I have no proof, but I see dupes across the board including the multichromes (eg. Ozotic 505/ Artform 505/ B-Range B505/ Chemistry 505) as well as the holos (eg. Ozotic 517/ Artform 517/ B-Range B517/ Chemistry 517/ Glitter Gal Holographic Green). The colours are the same and most of the time, the numbers match up too. I did some digging and I think the company is called Lumineye.

From what I see, Glitter Gal is the most expensive by far but they seem to have a few unique holos which I can't find dupes of in the other lines including Deep Green and Marine Blue.

I just thought I'd mention that since I found it interesting and I thought some of you might like to know as well especially because of the price difference between some of these different brands.


  1. oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   it's so beautiful!!!!

  2. This is so gorgeous!!! AHHHHHHH

  3. Love it. Looks exactly like an old ozotic I have (with no number on it), so I'm guessing it must be 507 too. We must have totally been doing the same research lately.  I mentioned about lumineye yesterday, and am hoping to get some backup colours from the B-range, but I have never heard of this Chemistry range! Thanks! *off to google*

  4. Ffffwwwoooaaarrrr!  Let me know what u find out about this brand Stef and where we can get some!

  5. That looks awesome! I'm loving these Chemistry polishes aswell :)

  6. I'm pretty sure chemistry is available on and the holos seem to only be $6.95! amazing!

  7. This is DEFINITELY a lemming slayer! It's awesome.

  8. OMG, your swatches are insane! This color looks amazing

  9. Wow, this looks incredible! I think I might still have a Peridot lemming though. It's one that just can't be killed!

  10. Wow, you got me drooling girl. I put Peridot on my WL a short while ago, but judging by your swatches, this looks even better.

  11. So...... pretty........ 

  12. I went and brought this today ... after thinking about this post all night. But they wanted $19.95 for it :( *sobs* Brought it anyway ... but still

  13. Sure thing. I'll email you :D

  14. Wow! TY for that link! I'll add it to the post

  15. LOL. It's the allure of Chanel...

  16. It really is so so pretty. *stares*

  17. Ouch! That's not the greatest price

  18. Just received my order from edistribution for a bunch of Chemistry polishes, including this one. They called me to confirm my order and it arrive really fast. Great customer service, so no problems there.  Thanks again for posting this Stef.  Now I just want to see a comparison swatch with this an Peridot!

  19. Hi Stef, 
    I just ordered from essential distribution and their customer service was brilliant!
    They have chemistry mulitchromes for $11.95 and holographics for $6.90 which are such good prices.
    But they're all out of 507, I just bought the last one *HIDES* sorry! I'm sure they'll get more stock in soon!
    Amy x

  20. Awesome! I'm glad you had a great experience!

  21. AHAHAHAHA! I love that you're admitting you bought the last one! AWESOME! Thanks again for the info Amy <3

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