Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lynnderella The Bunny Code

Lynn has made this limited edition shade to help raise funds for Friends of Rabbits, a bunny rescue organisation. You can read more about how the fundraising event works and how you can have a chance to win a bottle of The Bunny Code over here at Sparkly Vernis and directly at Friends of Rabbits.

Go ahead and click the macro. I left it as large as Picasa would allow me to upload.

Three coats of The Bunny Code without any undies. TBC is composed of fine bright green glitter speckled with lots of random glitter pieces of all shapes and sizes in a shimmery clear base. It's reminiscent of jelly beans nestled in Easter grass. Completely and utterly gorgeous. It's very shiny and metallic looking.

As many of you know, I love bunnies. I do. And how can this post be without my precious guy?

Mario just being his usual cool self. Lounging about on his favourite towel, hanging with his bud Pooh.

Again, please check here for more information on how to win a bottle of The Bunny Code. You can also donate directly to Friends of Rabbits any time without entering the draw here.... because dear BunBuns deserve our friendship <3


  1. Very pretty on a green lover like yourself ;-)

  2. Cathy @ More Nail PolishApril 14, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    Stunning. I see pictures of bunnies frolicking in green meadows with various colourful flowers around.  Love those back legs Mario, one of my kitties lays like that sometimes.

  3. Shatter_me_ClaireApril 14, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    Beautiful! And I just wanna give Mario a hug :)

  4. Wishing I could be like Mario now.. lol! Awesome swatches as always! <3

  5. love it !

  6. HOMG - so much win in this post!!  First off, the Lynn is TDF.  Seriously, you know I love green and this one just takes the cake!  Secondly, there is Mario, who is the cutest bunny I've ever seen.  My heart swells up 3 times its size whenever I see him!  *^.^*  And finally, you said BunBun.  <3  I squeal BUNBUN!! everytime I see one of our fuzzy friends hopping across the yard!  *SQUEES*

  7. Gorgeous!! Stef, do you have some good links for bunny care, for a new bunny owner? My daughter has adopted one. I want to be sure we are doing things right. Thanks

  8. I love this color. How do you get your cuticles to look so good all the time?!

  9. your bunny is adorable and pictures are gorgeous!

  10. Thanks so much for the shout-out about our group Steffels!  We appreciate all of the donations we give, and we were VERY gracious for the generous gift of Lynnderella to help us raise funds!  

  11. Awww so cute, he looks so happy there. I love The Bunny Code by itself <3

  12. damn girl this is so fun! i love bunnies, i used to raise them when i was younger. happy spring!

  13. Such a very beautiful color!  And I love that it's for charity. Bunnies need love too. :)

  14. I love it when he lies like that. He has nice long thump-y back feets. So cute!

  15. Right? Such an easy life he leads! And thank you :)

  16. You are so cute Threnodynx!! I love BunBuns! <3

  17. Yay! You've received my email Pam :)

  18. Thank you Michelle! Basically lots of moisturiser and Blue Cross cuticle remover once every so often

  19. It's no problemo at all Bunnymasseuse! Such a good cause. Thank YOU for all the work you are doing. And of course, Lynnderella <3 One of the most amazing ladies I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

  20. And I loved it over Funny Bunny! hehe

  21. That's so great! I hope you have a lovely Spring! I think all this exposure to the interwebs is messing with my head because I feel very Spring-y even though it's Autumn here. Doh!

  22. Moochas Shmoochas for Mario and Lynn for thinking of the bunnehs! This is gorgeous on you!!!

  23. Aww I love bunnies too, such a good cause so sweet of Lynn to do that!

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