Sunday, March 18, 2012

Late Green Spam

So errr... St Patrick's Day was yesterday but here is my green post. Sorry it's late! Enjoy :)

A-England Dragon. A dark yellow-toned green scattered holo with gold shimmer! *licks*

Essence Back to Paradise. Deep blue-toned green jelly. Not so keen on the formula but the colour is amazing.

One coat of Big Universo Espectral over Nfu-Oh 56 over China Glaze Gussied Up Green.

MAC Dry Martini. Gross colour? Yes. Do I still love it? Also yes.

Ozotic 503 over black. The colour shift is subtle compared to the other Ozotics but it's still very pretty.

OPI Simply Smash-ing! Gives me the worst lobster hands in the world but I still love it.

Unnamed Sasatinnie. Very dark smoky green jelly with some hidden shimmer. Reminds me of Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow.

Jelly sandwich with New York Summer Amaranth and Love my Nails Pink Surprise. Diamond glitter!

OPI Jade is the New Black. A perfect dusty green. One of my most worn green cremes.

China Glaze L8R G8R. Pale green holo. I haven't pulled this baby out in years! Glad I did!

Misa Let's Go Green. Bright, bright lime with gold shimmer. Gold shimmerrrrrr...

And lastly, Rimmel Mania. My love. I know this isn't technically green but that's besides the point :) My bud Kristy snapped this up for me on eBay. (((((hugs!)))))) Isn't she wonderful?! Mania is a close cousin of Bloom Bianca. But better. So much better!

Hope everyone's St Paddy's Day was awesome, green and full of good luck!


  1. Jeez, you make green look so good!

  2. I love green! I've had to wipe the drool off my keyboard.

  3. Back to Paradise is the yummiest teal-ish jelly I've ever seen. I must have it. Same with that Love My Nails...they have the most amazing chunky-ish glitters.

  4. Love love love!

  5. Green is probably my favourite polish colour, love the variety you have!

  6. HOMG.  That Misa... the Rimmel... your nails!  *explodes*

  7. beautiful.. all of them!!

  8. I love all these greens! And I agree with adventures of a mad scientist: I have to have Back To Paradise.

  9. Loving MAC dry martini!

  10. Oh goodness that last one is amazing! Though they're all pretty.

  11. Stef, I love the chartreuse with gold shimmer!!!! I live in the USA and it's so hard to get my hands on international polishes. Could you (or anyone else reading this) recommend any sites that ship these fabulous colors internationally???? Thanks!!!!


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