Sunday, April 24, 2011

Misa Poisoned Passion Collection

Yes, another old Autumn/Fall collection for you and again, I don't have all the colours. I'm missing one out of the six - Love Bite. Poisoned Passion was from Fall 08 and it is glorious. Glorious!!!

Aren't Misa bottles just lovely? They're all square and bottom heavy; very luxurious IMO.

All swatches are three coats

Forbidden Lust. Glowy purple shimmer. This is really beautiful IRL... it completely lights up in the sun.

Dying Love. Dark smoky grey/black with a silver shimmer running through it. The colour brings to mind ashes which I guess is very appropriate.

Toxic Seduction. My favourite. Lots of sparkly green shimmer in a green-tinged grey base. The green shimmer is very predominant and almost covers up the base colour. Gawjus.

A Sin Worth Committing. Dark electric blue shimmer. Dupey to OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue but with a much better name. Lacquerized has a great comparison here (I miss her!).

Fatal Affair. Deep plummy purple with blue shimmer. The shimmer in this is different to the rest of the collection. The particles are bigger and it seems to only really come out and play where the light hits.

Overall, a great collection. One of my favourites. Formula was really good on all of them. I keep putting off picking up Love Bite because I seem to have a lot of similar colours to that but I'll get around to it someday. *edit* Swatch of Love Bite here.


  1. lol if i were you i'd definitely get Love Bite just to complete the collection, me being kinda anal retentive and having a bit of OCD as it is.xDDD these are really oldies but goldies! they all look so delicious, especially Fatal Affair, which sounds mysterious as well...=D

    i've heard endless good things about misa's formula and unbeatable price but sadly it's not available where i live. booooo.

    oh. and i miss lacquerized too... ._.

  2. I have Love Bite for you! Email me your address and I'll post it off. Why didn't you ask me?? You know I probably would have had it!!

  3. One of the best collections from Misa. Wonderful post! Makes me want to pull them out and wear them.

  4. I yearn for Lacquerized's perfect, perfect swatches! I hope she returns someday..

  5. DUDE. Woah. Lol Carli, you are wayyyy too nice. ♥

  6. Dooo eeeet! And TY so much! I'm glad you liked it :)


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