Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recent Glitter Haulage - Bottle Spam

Trying to get back in the swing of things here sooo let's start with some sparkly bottle spam. This is some of the polish stuff that has arrived to me over the past couple of weeks. As always, you can click to enlarge anything for more detail.

First of all, Aussie ladies - check your Pricelines/Targets. There are a whole bunch of new Essence Colour & Go shades. I picked up these three along with a couple others. Blue Addicted is a supposed AtU dupe.

Blue Addicted, Time for Romance, Make it Golden

Oh how I despise Nicole bottles... and not to mention "Kardashian Kolors" makes me gag. But I caved and bought one anyway. And I think the Missha I found is new(ish).

Kendall on the Katwalk, RD04

Some stuff from Transdesign...

Marry a Millionaire, Gingerbread, Beyond the Mistletoe

Guppy polishes from the bay. Love the frosted glass bottles but these smell like Kleancolors. As in, they smell like a mix of insect repellent and death. LOL

01, 08

12, 13, 14

16, 17

And finally, a package from my friend Ali over at Ali's Nail News (thanks girl!!) arrived today containing both the WnW Ice Baby and Sally Hansen Gem Crush collections plus a whole lot of extras which I have failed to photograph. Bah.
The Wet n Wilds...

Believe Me It's Real, Give Me a Price Quote, Diamond in the Rough

Rockin' Rubies, It's All in the Cut

Cost is No Issue, Back Alley Deals, 24 Carats

And Sally Hansens...

Cha-Ching!, Showgirl Chic, Lady Luck

Big Money, Be-Jeweled

Bling-tastic, Razzle Dazzler, Glitz Gal

The polish companies are pouring glitter upon us this season. It's practically raining sparkles! I love it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Green Spam

One bite sized helping of Green coming right up!

Nabi Metalic Green. Besides the obvious spelling error, this is gorgeous. Sent to me by a wonderful friend who just knew I'd love it!

Color Club Twiggy. An almost-neon light green creme. It's a little more "lime" IRL than my picture shows. The formula was smooth and lovely.

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. I can never get good pictures of this. It's too sparkly!

Color Club Object of Envy over ummm.... I forgot..... maybe Don't Mess With OPI? I don't know. I remember doing this mani to try and talk myself out of getting this Hits polish.

Dare to Wear Enchanted Forest. Have I posted this before? It's one of my all time favourite green cremes! All dark and murky... I love it.

Nailart & Mehr Flaschengrun. I saw this on More Nail Polish a while back. It's an in-house brand from an Austrian company called Nailart & Mehr. I do so love magnetic polish. I think this diagonal stripe design is my favourite.

Savvy Garland. I now have two bottles of this thanks to my friends! A wonderful blackened green shimmer. These Savvy bottles are amazing and heavy. Love the thick glass on the bottom.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Few More Lynnderellas


Hi! I'm in the midst of my exams right now (the end is finally near!) and wanted to do some swatching during a short break from studying.

I'm very sorry I never posted the rest of the Lynnderella Early Halloween and First Edition before I stopped.... but hey, cheer up! Here a a few more :) If I'm able to get my hands on the next ones, I think I'll swatch them instead of taking NOTD pics to speed things along.

Apologies in advance for some sub-par pictures. My photography skills seem to have taken a nose dive.

Gotta Love Brains. Two coats over Zoya Dove. So unusual! Very.... brainy. And I don't think I captured it, but it has this gorgeous bright pink shimmer throughout.

Love Potion No. 99. One coat over Ulta3 Spring Break. Check out this post by Lynn too. Amazing sentiments and an amazing polish.

She Lived in a Swamp. Two coats over Milani Hi-Tech. Chartreuse, lime and greeny-gold goodness. The string glitter in this is a little hard to work with, wanting to curl in all sorts of odd directions. They were fine after a little prodding though.

The Telltale Heart. One coat over Models Own Top Turquoise. I loved this combo. Top Turquoise is much more... well, turquoise IRL. I think it went really well with the vivid magenta glitter.

Snow Angel. One coat over Revlon Powder Puff. Ahhh... Snow Angel. I remember the crazy it caused when I first saw this on my friend Eve. And now I have my very own bottle! *-* Anyhoo, my nails are so stained that I almost cried when I first tried layering over a sheer white. Yuck. Luckily, I found Powder Puff which is opaque enough to hide my stainage with one coat while still being a little sheer. I think the slight blue shimmer in it helped cancel out yellow as well.

Cauldron Drippings. One coat over black. I saw Lauren layer this over black and I needed to copycat her. I kept this one on after swatching everything. So fabulous!

As always, please check Lynn's blog for more information. She has a new collection coming out very, very soon which I am super excited for! They're sure to sell out in a flash so be on your toes.

Also, remember that the lovely Lynn only ships within the US so if you're "international" like me, make sure you have a plan of attack! I have signed up to a group order a kind buddy of mine is doing so she can forward the polishes on to me. Yay! I can't wait!